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The Code 1 Garrett Conversion: A Game-Changer

You've read about Code 1 Aviation's superb new evolution of the L-39 powered by a Honeywell/Garrett TFE731-3 engine. You might have even heard about a plane we built called the L-39X, fitted with every customization imaginable and powered by a monster TFE731-5 with 4700 lbs of thrust. You've read about our various test flight programs, and heard the pilots gush about the performance they get from a 731-powered Albatros. Now it's time to get a "Garrett L-39" for yourself.

Our TFE731 engine conversions have made the L-39 into a new airplane. Fuel consumption rates drop 10-18% from a stock L-39 at similar True Airspeeds. (Alternatively, you can simply cruise much faster with similar fuel burn rates). Add one or more of our aux fuel options and you'll see range capabilities far beyond a stock L-39. We remove the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) and the Saphir (APU), simplifying both the aircraft's systems and the pilot's operating procedures. A converted airplane is 300+ pounds lighter than a stock L-39, and because the new engine is putting out its full rated thrust (unlike many of the original engines), you'll see shorter takeoff rolls and higher sustained climb rates. The engine thrust responds almost instantly with movements of the throttle -- there's almost no "fan-lag," and the engine accelerates from idle to full power in 3-4 seconds. The Digital Electronic Engine Control (DEEC) maintains smooth, reliable engine control during all phases of flight. And it has a sound that you've never heard before in an L-39. A sound that says "power."

Our TFE731 conversion process is a game-changer. We have now performed the transformation on several customer aircraft (with more of them underway right now), and we've gotten really, really good at it. We'd love to talk to you about turning your great airplane into an extraordinary one! Call us for more information.

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