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Guest Speaker at Midwest Warbird Fly-In Announced

Code 1 Aviation is pleased to announce that the Saturday guest speaker at this year's fly-in will be James "JB" Brown, Chief Operations Officer and test pilot instructor at the National Test Pilot School in Mohave, California. JB served in the US Air Force as a fighter pilot (F-4s, F-5s) and, after his graduation from Air Force Test Pilot School (TPS), a test pilot on the A-7, F-15, and several classified prototype aircraft. Following his separation from the Air Force in 1992, JB did a short stint with an airline, and was then hired by Lockheed's "Skunk Works" as a test pilot for the F-117 Nighthawk, helping to develop mission-critical advanced information systems for the famous stealth aircraft, making it more flexible in combat, and providing its pilots with real-time threat updates and inflight re-routing and re-targeting. In 2002, he was chosen to transfer to the F-22 Raptor program, and worked his way up to become Chief Test Pilot of the F-22 program for Lockheed Martin. In 2012, he became the first test pilot to reach 1,000 hours of flying time in the F-22, and is believed to have more flying time in stealth aircraft than anyone in the world. He served as Lockheed Martin's Chief of Flight Operations until he retired in 2016. He then joined the National Test Pilot School as their Chief Operations Officer. He continues to actively fly and instruct in many different aircraft. He has served as the President of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) and is a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. With thousands of hours in over 124 different aircraft types, JB will undoubtedly be a dynamic, fascinating speaker. Come and listen to his awesome stories! The Midwest Warbird Fly-In takes place May 19-21, 2017 at Code 1 Aviation in Rockford, IL (KRFD). For more information, or to register for this fun event, please go to See you there!

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