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Garrett TFE731
Engine Conversion

TFE731 Engine Convesion

The Aero L-39 Albatros is an excellent aircraft. Its robust design gives it a unique combination of high-performance and ease of operation. Code 1 Aviation’s experience with custom instruments, avionics, cockpits, extra fuel capacity, and several other modifications have helped you make your Albatros unique and your own. Now, with Code 1’s engineering expertise, you can take your jet to the next level of performance and reliability with Garrett’s proven TFE731 family of turbofan engines.

In less time than it takes for the original AI-25TL be overhauled in Ukraine, Code 1's airframe modification experts will convert your L-39 to operate with the TFE731 turbofan engine. Over those 18 weeks, we remove components made redundant and modify all systems necessary to interface with the new engine. Finally, our experienced test pilots complete the FAA-required Phase 1 flight testing, so you are delivered a jet that is faster, more efficient, and ready for years of hassle-free flying. Keep scrolling to learn more.

While the AI-25TL is rated at 3792 pounds of thrust, most aren't even close to that number. The TFE731-3 will reach its thrust rating of 3700 pounds, so most converted aircraft will experience more power.


AI-25TL: 9-12 Seconds | TFE731-3: 4 Seconds

The Digital Electronic Engine Control (DEEC) and more advanced design of the 731 results in near-instantaneous power you can feel in every phase of flight.


AI-25TL: 772 LBS | TFE731-3: 697 LBS

The 731 engine is lighter and doesn't require an APU to start, so the conversion reduces total aircraft weight by several hundred pounds, further improving performance.


AI-25TL: 145 GAL/HR | TFE731-3: 124 GAL/HR

(AI-25TL .85 nominal power vs. TFE731-3 93% N2 at FL240 320 KTAS )

The higher bypass ratio and DEEC provide the TFE731-3 with lower fuel consumption in every phase of flight.


AI-25TL: 500-1000 Hrs TBO | TFE731-3: 1400 Hrs TBO

The TFE731 requires a Major Periodic Inspection (MPI) every 1400 hours, or 400 hours longer than the longest AI-25TL TBO.  Other service intervals are also lengthened.


Below is an excellent video from Honeywell describing the TFE731 family of engines.

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