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L-39 Ground Training

2024 Ground Training Schedule Now Available!
L-39 Ground School

The Code 1 L-39 Ground School is a required prerequisite for our L-39 Flight TrainingTaught by our team of experienced instructors, it is a 3-day, graduate-level education program that will teach you everything you'll need to know to safely and competently understand and operate the various systems of the L-39 Albatros. All instructional material material (L-39 manual, flight checklists, supplementary material, etc.) are included, and lunch is provided each day. The class is usually held in our spacious facility in Rockford, Illinois, which gives the class plenty of opportunity for hands-on training on actual aircraft, right on our shop floor.


Basic Jet Engine Theory

Ivchenko AI-25TL

Saphir 5 APU

Fuel System

Electrical System

Primary Hydraulic System

Emergency Hydraulic System

Pneumatic System

Canopy System

Fire Protection System

Anti-Ice System

Avionics and Instruments

Airplane Airworthiness Limitations

Pilot Certification

Ejection System

Flight Controls

Operating Limitations and Pilot Licensing

Aircraft Weight and Balance

Flight Planning and Performance Charts

Aircraft Emergencies

High-Altitude Flight

Cockpit Resource Management and Aeronautical Decision Making

Our ground schools are more than just a learning experience, they are an opportunity to meet pilots like you, who share your passion for aviation. Many of our students become friends who broaden their flight experience with formation flight, cross-country adventures, and group fly-ins.

If you are considering purchasing an L-39, a new owner, or even an experienced Albatros pilot looking to sharpen your skills, our L-39 Ground School is a worthwhile investment in your flying career.

L-39 Ejection Seat Training

If your L-39 is equipped with ejection seats, its operating limitations typically contain the requirement that you regularly train in their safe use. Code 1 Ejection Seat Training Classes are held separately from the L-39 Ground School and are one day long. They contain all FAA-required elements and prepare pilots to safely operate L-39s equipped with the standard VS-1 ejection seat system. Upon completion, pilots are issued the required certification to safely and legally operate an L-39 with armed ejection seats. Subjects include:

Ejection Philosophy

Operational Risk Management & Public Safety

Aircraft Operating Limits and Training Requirements

Crew Resource Management

Single-Pilot Resource Management

The Ejection Decision and Human Factors

Occupant Medical, Height, and Weight Limitations

Passenger Practical Safety Briefing

Post-Ejection Communications, Survival, and Search & Rescue

In-Depth VS-1 Ejection Seat System Description and Operation

Typical Injuries Caused by Ejection

Ejecting from an aircraft is among the most difficult and consequential decisions a pilot can make. Let Code 1's team of experienced instructors train you how to make the right call should you ever find yourself needing to "squeeze and pull."

Upcoming Ground Training Classes
L-39 Ground School
Rockford, IL (KRFD)
Jan 12-14, 2024
L-39 Ground School
Rockford, IL (KRFD)
Mar 8-10, 2024
L-39 Ground School
Rockford, IL (KRFD)
May 17-19, 2024
L-39 Ground School
Rockford, IL (KRFD)
Aug 9-11, 2024
L-39 Ground School
Rockford, IL (KRFD)
Oct 11-13, 2024
L-39 Ground School
Rockford, IL (KRFD)
Jan 10-12, 2025

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