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Our mechanics have been responsible for numerous award-winning aircraft at Oshkosh, Sun n' Fun, and other events around the world. Code 1 Aviation can provide start-to-finish restoration of your valued warbird aircraft, and we do it with the knowledge and skills that only come from years of front-line experience.

Creating an award-winning aircraft is nearly second-nature to us. We know what it takes, and we have done it many times. Looks are important, but functionality and safety are even more important when it comes to your airplane. Our total focus on the fundamentals ensures that you'll be confident with the reliability of your aircraft, in addition to being pleased with how it looks. We cut no corners in the pursuit of providing you with the best aircraft you can get.

Starting with a "blank slate" can be daunting for an aircraft owner, but not for us. We have years of experience with large, detailed projects, and we love the art of creating an airplane from an empty shell.

But "restoration" can also be practiced on a smaller scale -- we have restored individual components as well. The scope of a project doesn't matter. It's the attitude of the technicians and project managers that gets it done. Our team is dedicated to making great finished products, whether it's a simple generator housing or an entire, award-winning jet fighter aircraft.

Attention to detail is as important to us as it is to you. 

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