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Avionics Upgrades

Dual Garmi G3X in the one and only L-139

Avionics are the pulse of a modern aircraft, and many warbird owners are taking advantage of the amazing capabilities of the electronics being offered today. We routinely install the latest EFIS and nav/comm/GPS systems from Garmin, Avidyne, Honeywell, and others -- and we do it in a way that is tasteful, pilot-friendly, and still respects the history of the aircraft in which we're doing the installations. The L-39, in particular, is well-suited for modern instrument upgrades to include EFIS displays, autopilots, satellite weather capabilities, ADS-B systems, traffic awareness systems, and much more.

Our avionics shop is fully capable of completely rewiring an airplane of any vintage -- and, of course, inspecting and maintaining existing harnesses and connectors.

Garmin G3X and cockpit restoration by Code 1 Aviation

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Garmin G3X wth digital engine instruments in an L-39 by Code 1 Aviation
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