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The Code 1 Garrett Conversion: A Game-Changer

You've read about Code 1 Aviation's superb new evolution of the L-39 powered by a Honeywell/Garrett TFE731-3 engine. You might have even heard about a plane we built called the L-39X, fitted with every customization imaginable and powered by a monster TFE731-5 with 4700 lbs of thrust. You've read about our various test flight programs, and heard the pilots gush about the performance they get from a 731-powered Albatros. Now it's time to get a "Garrett L-39" for yourself. Our TFE731 engine conversions have made the L-39 into a new airplane. Fuel consumption rates drop 10-18% from a stock L-39 at similar True Airspeeds. (Alternatively, you can simply cruise much faster with similar fuel burn

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