TFE731-3 Please call for pricing info

The Garrett/Honeywell TFE731-3 offers significant performance improvements over and above the L-39’s original AI-25TL engine. The 731-3 generates 3,700 lbs of thrust, approximately equal to the original engine in the L-39, while consuming over 20% less fuel at equivalent airspeeds. The TFE731-3 makes several original systems in the L-39 unnecessary, such as the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) and the Saphir 5 APU, which allows us to reduce the aircraft’s weight. The TFE731-3 spools up much faster than the AI-25TL, and the digital engine control adds reliability. Finally, the service intervals on the TFE731-3 are longer than those of the AI-25TL, meaning that you can enjoy your aircraft more before the engine is due for major service. We have the experience and expertise to perform this engine conversion on your L-39 -- call us today to learn more!

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