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Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter N685TC - $850,000

Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter N685TC - $850,000

This is a rare chance to own a true classic fighter: An F-5A! N685TC is a beautifully-restored, well-equipped example of Northrop's versatile, lightweight supersonic fighter that's still in use in several nations around the world, and in the USA as a nimble adversary ("aggressor") aircraft.

With a  maximum speed of over 700 Knots, a maximum climb rate of over 30,000 feet per minute, and a ceiling of 51,000 feet, the F-5 is not for the faint of heart. But it is a suprisingly-simple, reliable jet that can be your ticket to the rarified word of the fighter pilot.


    Manufacturer: Northrop
    Model : RF-5A-G
    Registration Number: N685TC
    Serial Number: 1009
    Year of Manufacture: 1968
    Year of Restoration: 1988
    Total Time: 3367.3 Hrs.
    Time Since US Licensing: 332.2 Hrs.

    Powerplants (2):
    Make: General Electric
    Model: J85-GE-13
    Total Time: #1: 2598.5 Hrs.  |  #2: 3239.5 Hrs. 
    Time Since Overhaul: #1: 87.0 Hrs.  |  #2: 107.6 Hrs.

    (All times subject to change)


    2 x 50-gallon Tip Tanks (currently installed)
    150-gallon Centerline Drop Tank (not installed)
    Wingtip Missile Rails (not installed)
    4 x Underwing Hardpoints and Pylons (not installed)
    Gaseous Oxygen System

    Fuel Capacity: 600 gallons internal
    Fuel Endurance: 2 hours


    Collins VHF-20A Com 1 & 2
    Raytheon ARC-164 UHF Com 3
    2 x Collins VIR-31A Nav 1/2
    Collins DME-40 DME Transceiver
    Collins TDR-90 Transponder
    Collins Sperry CPU-4/A Flight Director
    Bendix 19005-1A AHARS

    Instruments are original analog units with analog standby attitude indicator.


    Paint is glossy medium gray over light gray with US Air Force Tactical Air Command markings, and is in very good condition.


    The cockpit and instrument panel are original light gray throughout, with black subpanels.

    A BA-22 parachute is included, and is in good condition.

    The ejection seat system is armed.


    The canopy and windscreeen are in good condition.

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