L-39C N50XX - SOLD

SOLD: This L-39 has been converted from its stock powerplant to a Garrett/Honeywell TFE731-3 turbofan engine. The Saphir 5 APU, ram air turbine, and other components made redundant by the conversion were removed, reducing the basic empty weight of the aircraft by over 300 pounds.  Aircraft performance has been improved in the following areas:


  • Spool up time has been reduced by half
  • Increase in rate-of-climb
  • Increase in cruise speed
  • Decrease in fuel consumption

    S/N: 931331
    Year Manufactured: 1979 
    TTAF: 2176 Hrs.


    Engine: Garrett/Honeywell TFE731-3R 
    TTE: 13909.9 Hours
    Time Since MPI: 218.3 Hours


    Standard "Light IFR" package
    Garmin GNS 430 GPS/NAV/COM

    Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel

    Wilcox 1014 Remote Transponder

    Shadin Fuel Flow System


    The airspeed indicator and turn coordinator/VSI are refaced in US units. A US CDI and counter drum altimeter are installed.  US engine instruments for the TFE731 engine are installed in the front cockpit only. The attitude indicator, HSI, and clock are original.



    The exterior is a two-tone light and medium blue camouflage with light gray belly.


    The cockpits have been lightly restored with medium gray seats and panels.

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