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L-39C N50XX - $635,000

L-39C N50XX - $635,000

L39X N50XX is a sharp-looking L-39 that hides a secret, and some impressive features -- namely, it has been converted with a Garrett/Honeywell TFE731-3 turbofan engine, giving it improved performance, better fuel economy, great reliability, and lots more! It's ready to provide you with the fun you've always dreamed of.


    Manufacturer: Aero Vodochody
    Model: L-39C (TFE731-3 Conversion)
    Registration Number: N50XX
    Serial Number: 931331
    Year: 1979
    Airframe Restoration: 2000
    Last Annual: 2022
    Total Time: 2238.1 Hrs.

    Make: Garrett/Honeywell
    Model: TFE731-3


    This aircraft has been converted to a Garrett/Honeywell TFE731-3 turbofan engine. The Saphir 5 APU, ram air turbine, and other components made redundant by the conversion were removed, reducing the basic empty weight of the aircraft. Aircraft performance has been increased in the following areas:
      • Spool up time has been reduced by half
      • Rate of climb increase
      • Cruise speed increase
      • Fuel consumption decrease


    Garmin GNS 430 GPS/Nav/Com
    Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
    Trig TT22 Transponder/TN70 ADS-B out
    Shadin Fuel Flow System


    The exterior is a two-tone light and medium blue camouflage with light gray belly.

    The canopies and windshield are in good condition.


    The cockpits have been lightly restored with medium gray seats and panels.

    The parachutes are original and are in good condition. The ejection seats and canopies are fully functional, and all pyro is up to date. 


    The airspeed indicator and turn coordinator/VSI are remarked in US units. A US CDI and counter drum altimeter are installed. US engine instruments for the TFE731 engine are installed in the front cockpit. The attitude indicator, HSI, and clock are original.

  • Why Code 1 Aviation?

    With our experience and industry connections, Code 1 Aviation is your partner throughout your jet ownership experience. We guide you through research, acquisition, restoration, maintenance, and customization to ensure every step is hassle-free. When you're ready to take your flying to the next level, let us help you make your jet Code 1.

    We are, by far, the industry leaders in Garrett engine conversions for the L-39. For more information about our conversions, please contact us!

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