SOLD! This jet is the complete L-39 package. Armed ejection seats, nicely restored cockpits, comprehensive avionics, integrated smoke system, and a "missile" under each wing complete the jet-fighter experience. Other thoughtful upgrades include a nosebox organizer, tail cargo box, integrated battery minder, and all stainless steel exterior hardware help make this jet easy to own and fly. Call Code 1 today to see for yourself.


    S/N: 533520
    Year Manufactured: 1985
    TTAF: 1338.1 Hrs.

    Time Since US Licensing: 387.9 Hrs.


    Engine: Ivchenko AI-25TL

    TT: 988.1 Hrs.

    SMOH: 495.3 Hrs.


    Garmin GNS 530 NAV/COM/GPS FCP
    Bendix/King KX 155 COM/GPS FCP
    Garmin GNC 250XL COM/GPS RCP
    Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
    Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
    Sorcerer TruTrak 2-Axis Autopilot
    Davtron M655 OAT/Voltmeter


    Instrumentation is original with altimeter and airspeed indicator in US units. Horizontal situation and attitude indicators are original.


    The paint is three-color winter camouflage with red star markings and is in exceptional condition. Exterior maintenance access panel fasteners are stainless steel.


    Cockpits are nicely restored with gray side desks and instrument panels. Labels are professionally silkscreened.


    Smoke system
    2x replica AIM-9X missiles with pylons
    Nose box organizer
    Stainless steel fastener kit
    Integrated battery tender
    Enclosed tail cargo box

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